Welcome to Roadmap 2.0!

Thank you for participating! We are using a mobile application called Roadmap 2.0 in a number of different studies.

About the App

Roadmap 2.0 is a mobile application designed to deliver a positive psychology based intervention program. Eight engaging activities aim to enhance positive thoughts and emotions and promote building character strengths, social connections, and purpose in life to help individuals in their journey to not just survive challenging and stressful experiences, but rather to thrive despite it. Roadmap 2.0 tracks mood and other health-related quality of life measures. We have designed the app to be fun and easy-to-use based on feedback we’ve received from many users over the years. We hope you’ll take a little time for yourself and make Roadmap 2.0 a part of your daily experience.

Roadmap 2.0 Home Screen


You will be asked to complete surveys about your health, quality-of-life, and well-being upon consenting/assenting to participation in the study (i.e., baseline survey). You will also be asked to complete additional surveys over the course of the study regarding topics, including but not limited to quality-of-life, pain, mood, activity, sleep, well-being (i.e., around 30 and 120 days from the initial baseline survey).


You will regularly wear a Fitbit to measure your daily activity and sleep.

Daily Mood

You will be prompted to rate your daily mood on a scale of 1 to 10.

Some study participants will be randomized (i.e., a flip of a coin) to receive the following tools on the app:

  • Positive Activities — You will also have the option to partake in some positive activities. Some options available are: Positive Piggy Bank, Pleasant Activity Scheduling, Gratitude Journal, Random Acts of Kindness, Savoring, and Signature Strengths.
  • Chat Forum — You can chat with other users who are going through similar experiences as you in the Chat Forum (we encourage you to encourage and motivate one another on how your journey has been and through other forms of the positive activities).
  • Resources / Guides — You can also find resources to help you along your journey. You can find links to resources, such as Sleep, Activity, and Nutrition guidelines.